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Website Questions

Some products say "Backordered", what does this mean?

Due to higher than anticipated demand, we have so many orders on file that most of the time it means we cannot physically ship them out fast enough to be considered “In Stock”.  There will be a 6 – 12 week delay in shipping with products that say “Backordered”. Orders will be filled in order that they are received so simply place an order in the online store as you would for any “In Stock” item and they will be shipped as soon as we possibly can.

Some products say "Out of Stock", what does this mean?

Due to higher than anticipated demand, we are not accepting orders at this time for that product. We fill orders in the order that they were received and we are in full production. Please check back often as status can change anytime or join our waitlist and you will be emailed when the website has been restocked.

Product/Order Questions

What are XRAIL Systems made of and how much do they weigh?

XRAIL products are hard coated black anodized aluminum and stainless steel all non corrosive with black nylon or clear polycarbonate unified tubes. Compact unit’s weight is 2 lbs empty and Full version unit’s weight is 2 lbs 5 oz empty.  Final weight of units when full depends on type of ammunition used.

All XRAIL Systems are made from high grade aluminum, stainless steel, and glass filled nylon, or poly carbonate materials.

Is the XRAIL System front heavy?

Yes compared to a gun without it, but it reduces muzzle jump by about 40%. We have found that when one builds muscle memory, the target acquisition time is about the same as without it.

What comes with my XRAIL System purchase?

Your XRAIL System will come with a replacement magazine follower, a spring, and one connecting system for the shotgun platform you choose.  You may also purchase the additional connecting systems to enable you to switch the XRAIL System from one shotgun platform to another. Installation requires no gun smith and can be done in minutes.   Installation and informational videos are available on this web site along with the Instruction Guide. Please go to our Instructional Multimedia page.

What shotguns does the XRAIL System work on?

1.     Remington® System:  Attaches to Remington® 870, 1187, 1100, Versa Max 12ga shotguns

  • Full Version (22 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 26” *
  • Compact Version (14 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 22” *

2.     Benelli® System:  Attaches to Benelli® SBE, SBE2, M1, M2 – 12ga shotguns

  • Full Version (21 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 24” *
  • Compact Version (13 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 20” *

3.     FNH System: Attaches to FN SLP shotgun

  • Full Version (22 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 26” *
  • Compact Version (14 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 22” *
  • Includes RCI Replacement Magazine Tube

4.     Mossberg® System:  Attaches to Mossberg® 930 Series shotguns with traditional style barrels only (not barrels that have integrated compensators or muzzle brakes that are less than 24″ in length)

  • Full Version (22 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 26” *
  • Compact Version (14 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 22” *

5.     Winchester® System:  Attaches to Winchester® SX3 shotguns with 3 inch chambers

  • Full Version (22 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 26” *
  • Compact Version (14 + 1 rounds) recommended minimum barrel length is 22” *

Keep checking NEWS page of website for future model availability.
*Shorter than minimum recommended lengths will work but we do not recommend due to safety reasons and it can cause some long term carbon build-up on tube housing.
**If your gun is new and never had a magazine extension on it, it may have tabs in the mag tube that will need to be removed.

Will the XRAIL System work on my Benelli® M4?

Unfortunately, NO for two reasons. There is a “loop” on the bottom end of the Benelli® M4 barrel where the XRAIL System needs to attach and rotate. That loop is in the way and prevents the XRAIL System from working on that gun with out gunsmithing. Also it is a different connecting system then we currently offer.

Is the XRAIL System hard to load? Do I have to fully load it every time?

An XRAIL System loads the same way you would normally load your gun.  Once the main tube is full, you rotate the XRAIL System to the next auxiliary tube and load.  You repeat until all tubes are full.   When you shoot, the tubes will automatically rotate back to the main tube as the ammunition is unloaded.

The XRAIL System is flexible enough to be “topped off” or if not needed, you do not have to fill the auxiliary tubes and just use the main tube like you would normally use your shotgun.

Can I use 3" shells in the regular XRAIL System?

No, not if you want to use the XRAIL System auxilliary tubes. If only using the XRAIL System main tube, you could use 3″ shells but will not get full capacity of the XRAIL System. Currently we have structured the design around the 2 3/4” shell because it is the one most commonly used by MLE. The shells need to split in a certain spot to rotate the tubes. If you try to use longer shells, there will be a shell in the wrong spot so the rotation cannot occur.  You can however use 3″ shells in the Integrated Version XRAIL Benelli M2.

Will Benelli® inertia drive shotguns perform consistently using the XRAIL System?

During development we conducted extensive testing using Benelli® M1, M2, SBE 1 and SBE2 shotguns with both the Full and Compact Versions of the XRAIL Systems.  Each combination of shotgun and XRAIL System performed consistently when using higher dram ammunition and with proper lubrication.  The higher dram ammunitions offset the dampening of the inertia drive caused by the additional weight.

We recommend the following ammunition be used for consistent performance with stock Benelli® shotguns:

  • Full Version XRAIL Systems should use ammunition that is 3.5 dram (1350fps) 1 ¼ oz or greater.
  • Compact Version XRAIL Systems should use ammunition that is 3.25 dram (1250-1300fps) 1 ¼ oz or greater.
  • Lubricate the bolt carrier rails with 3-4 drops of good lubricant and dry cycle the action 25-30 times before firing. Reapply the oil every 100 -200 rounds.

Note – By switching to a light recoil spring (we tested one from Wolf®) we were able to see consistent performance using lower dram ammunitions that varied gun by gun.  Knowing your gun and your style of shooting will help you determine which ammunition will perform best for your needs.

Will you export an XRAIL System?

Please go to the Contact Us page.

Are discounts available for Military/LE?

Discount is for use while performing official duties ONLY. It is not for individual sales. You need to qualify for Military/LE pricing. Please go to our Military/LE page for details.

How do I become a registered Dealer for RCI?

Please go to the Dealer page for updates.

What if I decide to cancel my order?

A 15% Administrative fee will be applied to your credit card or subtracted from your refund in order to cover the expenses of processing the initial order and processing your cancellation request.

When will my credit card be charged?

Upon the completion of your order in the checkout, you will be charged the full amount immediately including any applicable sales tax for any product shipped to WI.

How do I return an item?

You must call for return authorization. ALL return orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

NOTE: ALL XM2XI Integrated Benelli and ANY GUN sales are FINAL. Once a firearm has been transfered to an individual, it is no longer a new gun, whether fired or not. NO EXCEPTIONS.


I live outside WI, will I pay sales tax at checkout?

No.  You are responsible to pay sales tax in the state you reside, including any local taxes.

Is there any warranty?

All RCI products have a 1 year limited warranty.  The warranty applies towards defects in materials or workmanship. The use of re-loaded ammunition, proof rounds, or factory ammunition that exceeds SAAMI specifications voids any warranty. Any repairs or modifications not done by RCI also voids any warranty.

Are there any legal requirements or restriction on the purchase of XRAIL Systems, XM2XI, or any RCI Products?

RCI ‘s policy is not to give legal or legislative advice. It is your responsibility to follow ALL your Federal, State, and local gun laws before you purchase any RCI Product. Legislation changes so be sure you know the current laws in your area. RCI will not ship any product to areas we know our products are banned.

For your convenience as a reference, here are a couple of useful links: BATFE’s Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide 2005 or

PLEASE NOTE : RCI does not currently ship the XRAIL Systems or XM2XI Integrated Benellis from our website to the District of Columbia, CA, CO, MD, MA, NJ, NY, or parts of IL (Aurora and Chicago) and parts of OH (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati or Toledo) due to current state or local legislation banning  products like ours, unless you have a special permit (we would need copy for our records). For more detailed information from NRA-ILA Office of Legislative Counsel 1-6-10, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to territorial laws, the purchase, sale and (in certain circumstances) the possession and interstate transportation of firearms is regulated by the Gun Control Act of 1968 as amended by the Firearms Owners` Protection Act. Also, cities and localities may have their own firearms ordinances in addition to federal and territory laws. Details may be obtained by contacting local law enforcement authorities, and by consulting the State Laws and Published Ordinances – Firearms, available from the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

Troubleshooting Questions

What happens if I pull the indexing spring and rotate the XRAIL System without ammo in the main tube?

A. If released without being loaded the tube housing will try to unwind. The main tube spring will stop the tube housing from unwinding to its relaxed position. Doing this can damage the spring if you reset the housing to its original “set position” and the spring ends up hooked around the spring retainer peg that protrudes from the bottom of the inner tube housing. If spring is hooked on retainer peg, the system will not allow shells to be loaded into the XRAIL System because it is hung up. Trying to load when the spring is hooked on the peg is what causes damage to the main spring.

B. If you pull pin and rotate tube housing in the loading direction without the main tube being loaded past the connection point you will wind the main tube spring around the central axis of the inner tube housing possibly causing the spring to be permanently damaged.

My XRAIL System's tubes do not rotate freely (sticks) inside the main housing unit, what wrong?

You have tightened the screws of the XRAIL System to the barrel too much (too tight). This can cause an “ovaling” effect and hinder free motion of the tubes. Once you have the correct tightness of the barrel set screws to allow free rotation we recommend putting blue locktight on the barrel set screws to keep them from loosening.

My gun has tabs inside the gun's magazine tube, what do I do?

This is mainly on some new Remington shotgun models… those “tabs” inside the gun’s magazine tube need to be removed. Either take the gun to your favorite gunsmith or you can do it yourself if you are comfortable. Just drill them out and sand the tube down so there are no rough spots. Those would have to be removed if you were to put any magazine extension tube on the gun (not just the XRAIL System), as the ammo and follower will not pass by them.